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The traditional Signature Custom Surf Collection range has a touch of unsurpassed quality, elegance, style, performance and authenticity that makes it stand out in a class of it’s own

Interested in having one of the Signature surfboards custom made to your weight and surfing ability?

Introducing the Signature Custom Collection, based off the original design, modified and customized to your specifications.

Handcrafted to perfection, each board is a masterpiece using only the best foam and materials, hand selected by our friends at iHlenfeldt factory in South Africa.

Ian Ihlenfeldt heads up our custom surf division. Ian is a top surfer understanding what makes a board perform correctly and has been hand shaping surfboards for over 20 years.

Personal touch and elegance, intermixed with optional classic traditional resin tints or graphics, the Signature Custom Surf Collection – Created by us, designed by you.





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