What is SPG ~ Signature ?

Signature is a lifestyle brand by riders, for riders. Signature is a family owned business that is dedicated to seeing people of all ages experiencing the joy of watersports and skateboarding no matter what level they are at and regardless of what brand or board they ride.

What does the ‘3S’ wings logo stand for?

Pretty simple – the 3S’s stand for the 3 main elements of the brand- 1st S for Signature, 2nd S for Surf or water related products, and the 3rd S is for Skate or land based products. Together the 3S gives the look of wings and represents freedom relating to the sports we enjoy.

Are the surfboards ‘pop outs’ or hand shaped?

A term that was introduced with mass production in the 90’s is the word “pop out”. Signature is not a Pop out. Every Signature surfboard is hand shaped and hand crafted from an original authentic, approved and tested file sent by our Signature shapers. Each board is machine cut for accuracy and consistency, thereafter regular surfboard building procedure is followed.

Who are the Signatures?

Signature is more than just a brand- Signature is the story of unique individuals, some world famous and some not as well known yet, that have or are busy impacting the surf & skate culture history.

I don’t know all the Signature names listed?

Signature has initially connected with some Shapers and riders that may not all be world famous household names, but in their own right they have left their mark in the surf and skate industry. From riding giant waves where there are no cameras, or modestly taking a back seat and creating products behind the scenes where there is no media watching. Signature salutes these individuals and look forward to seeing them leave a legacy for others to follow.

How does Signature allocate a product to a name or person?

The concept is for each shaper/ rider/ designer/ athlete to have a single product that best represents their image or story. For Example Dave Stubbs is world renowned for shaping 9’1 contest longboards for surfers that have claimed world championship titles. Although Dave is capable of shaping a wide range of boards, Signature takes just one of his best models and highlights this one particular board in the Signature range. Des Sawyer from J-bay is a shaper who started his career in the 70’s and has seen the evolution of surfboard designs. Des has shaped a wide variety of surfboards over the years so adds all the ingredients to include an all-round fun 7ft board to the Signature range.

How do I join the team?

Signature is more than just about having a team, with pro riders that move between labels offering the best deal, but more about joining a family. People that are passionate about riding. Individuals that live life to the max and see each wave and each skate session as a special gift. If this is you then we welcome you to join the Signature family. Its not about buying a Signature board but more importantly about leaving your mark wherever you go. It may be a smile to a widow, sharing a wave at a crowded spot or lending your board to an underprivileged kid, this is the true Signature ambassador so welcome to the team.