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SIgnature Bolt 41" x 9.25" Longboard




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SIgnature Bolt 41" x 9.25" Wheels | 65mm x 51mm x 80A

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Nakoa Decoite has both feet planted firmly on the ground; and in his case that ground is the beautiful Island of Maui in Hawaii, which he calls home.

His life motto is ‘live for something bigger’ and in many ways Nakoa is larger than life. He has surfed some of the biggest waves in the world and not only survived, but has inspired many with his clean living philosophy and strong training and exercise ethic. Far from the beach-bum Surfer stereotype, Nakoa embodies the modern-day waterman; fit, strong, focused and able to ride any board.
One of the boards he chooses to ride is Signature’s Bolt skateboard, a board inspired by men who ride mountains and a legacy Nakoa is proud to continue as he leaves his mark with Signature.
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