Chris Bertish | The Assault

40.35″ x 10.75″ The Assault

Similar to surfing, skateboarding is all about balance and the Assault provides the perfect balance between quick acceleration and cruise control, letting you push your limits down hills or just cruise along the boardwalk. Turn flat days into fun days; bombing down hills, racing your friends or just commuting to school. If you want a new experience in riding a skateboard, trust Signature’s Chris Bertish Assault model to live up to its name.

  • Australian Maple 8 Ply
  • OS780 Black with logo cut out
  • Wheels 70x51mm 80A
  • Trucks 7″ Aluminum custom
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Concave Deck for added comfort and control
  • Stone ground Slide Wheels
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