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Sean Ordonez is a passionate board builder, shaper, and ex-professional windsurfer, in other words a proud “professional beach bum by trade.”

Living on Maui, Sean shapes and builds all types of conceptual water toys, mainly surfboards, tow boards, kite boards, windsurf boards, and stand up paddle boards for surf or race. For those of you who have had the pleasure of owning an SOS board, you know that his work is “functional art.”
Building boards for some of the best surfers in the world allows SOS to set trends, be it through design or board construction. Sean has always been known to think outside the box, coming up with original board designs and endless possibilities of how to build a board to have that “perfect feel.” He is one of few shapers in the world that can build any type of board, ride it, and truly understands the fundamentals of building a board from start to finish, using new and old board building techniques.
To find out more or order a Custom SOS visit: http://sosshapes.com

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