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Signature Fish 32" x 9.75"



Signature Fish 32" x 9.75"

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Signature Fish 32" x 9.75" Wheels 60mm x 45mm 80A

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Steven Sawyer is the archetype surfer; he lives in J’Bay, rips, creates music and has sun-bleached hair. In fact when he’s not surfing he feels like a Fish out of water which is great… since it is Signature’s Fish Skateboard that he then rides.

Like our Fish Skateboard, Steven also connects the history of surfing with the future; benefitting from the legacy of being the son of legendary Surfboard Shaper Des Sawyer (Shaper of Signature’s 7ft surfboard) while pushing the boundaries with his progressive surfing. In an industry that has seen many come and go, we know that Steven like the Fish, will leave his mark.
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