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Signature Sugar 44" x 9" Front



Signature Sugar 44" x 9" Back

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Signature Sugar 44" x 9" Wheels | 70mm x 51mm x 80A

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Ask anyone who knows Talia to describe her and the word “sweet” is sure to come up. Born and raised on Maui, a true Hawaiian waterwoman, adept at riding any kind of board in big or small surf, Talia has that special something that makes people want to be around her.

In 2007, at the age of 14, she completed the gruelling Molokai to Oahu race on a traditional Hawaiian paddleboard and in 2012 she won it as a 19 year old! A focused and fierce competitor in the water, Talia is the opposite when not competing. Soft spoken, gentle and creative, designing jewellery and swimsuits with the same fluidity and elegance she embodies when stepping into the water. Join Talia and ride Signature’s Sugar Skateboard, grace and beauty all rolled into one.
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