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Signature is family owned and run by people who use the products we make. Everything we produce is made to the highest quality standards and is thoroughly tested before being added to our product range. However, having spent the last few decades working in this industry, we know that there is often times room for improvement, and also (unfortunately) room for user error. In addition, the nature of the activities inherent in the sports that our performance products are used for, means that the products are sometimes used in unconventional ways (which may be quite exciting & cool), but which we could not have anticipated.

In light of these realities; our Warranty Policy provides both limited protection to you, our valued Customer & partner in fun, but also to the Manufacturer. Our Warranty Terms are explained in detail under Limited Warranty Terms: (Click on Part 2  tab >>> .


  • Purchaser understands that Signature products are produced out of fragile materials, carbon, epoxy or composites that are created specifically for performance use.
  • Once product enters the water there is no guaranteed warranty and Signature will have final say as to any warranty claims.
  • If upon purchasing you notice anything that you are not satisfied about please return to dealer immediately before use.
  • The limited warranty is only valid to the Initial purchaser of the product from the original dealer or retailer for 90 Days from purchase.
  • This warranty commitment does not cover any other claim conditions such as:
  • 1) Damage or defects caused by impact with any object or person. That includes connecting sand, reef or kelp.
  • 2) Damage or defects caused by, collisions, abuse, misuse or accidental damage.
  • 3) Damage or defects caused by transport, loading, unloading, dropping, out of water handling or similar.
  • 4) Damage or defects caused by non recreational use, rental centers and lessons.
  • 5) Damage or defects caused by exposure to excessive sunlight (even 15 minutes in direct sunlight  can cause de-lamination) ,  temperatures over 40 and under 0 degrees Celsius. Most products are epoxy or carbon and need to be kept out of cars and direct sunlight.
  • 6) Damage or defects caused by nature, such as waves in an impact zone, earthquake, fires etc.
  • 7) Damage or defects caused by alterations or modifications.
  • 8) Damage or defects caused by repairs.
  • 9) Damage or defects caused by usage of the product after a claim is reported.
  • 10) Damage or defects caused by storage of the product in closed, damp conditions (example: a wet boardbag) or a heated vehicle.
  • 11) Damage or defects caused by wear and tear.
  • 12) Damage caused from taking products from hot temperature into cooler waters.
  • 13)  Loss or damage to Foils or broken foil boxes on boards due to heavier riders  – Suggested maximum weight for foils is 90kg / 198Lbs – riders of greater weight do so on own accord.
  • 14) Damage to foils and parts from launching / exiting the water. This is where most damage can incur, so be sure to exercise correct procedures.
  • 15) Damage to foils from incorrect set up- please see videos HOW-TO assemble.
  • 16) Damage to foils or parts from  from use in reefs areas – please be aware that carbon/ epoxy products could be damaged if it comes into contact with a reef or rocky area.
  • 17) Surf damage is not considered a manufacturing defect. At all costs avoid bailing your board  in front of waves or sets as this is where foils will take the most abuse and is not covered under  warranty policy.
  • 18) Repair or replacement of any product under this Limited Warranty is not available for ordinary wear and tear, including scratches or paint chipping / “spider cracks”
  • 19) Paint chipping – or better known as “SPIDER CRACKS” is caused by overload in a critical point, usually around the fuselage. This can be normal especially with larger wings or heavier riders and / or riders using SUP boards (especially heavier SUP boards) and in the ocean where waves break on a foil.


  • If you believe your product has defects related to manufacturing faults, please fill in the original Limited Warranty Form  WARRANTY / RETURN form – please click here. and return it to your dealer within 7 days from the date of which the defect or damage is discovered.
  • Your product must be returned to the place where it was purchased for immediate inspection.
  • Make sure all the details and questions in the Warranty Form are filled in complete and correctly and that the dealer has filled in the dealer section.
  • Shipping & Handling damages- Please carefully inspect all freight upon delivery. Inspect box and unwrap contents. Have the carrier document in writing  the detailed description of the damages on the box before signing anything. Return the damaged box to the driver and contact SPG immediately. If you sign or the person receiving the product signs, takes delivery of the damaged freight, the driver leaves or you drive away with it, SPG is not liable to replace any damaged goods. You will need to pay return freight charges in order to be issued a replacement . Should your product be damaged during transit it is important to immediately notify the courier of any damage before courier departs from premises. Do not sign receipt.
  • In the case of damage from shipping, customer may request a replacement part/s once goods have been returned to Signature – please see RETURNS POLICY.
  • Make sure that the original proof of purchase is attached that indicates the original purchase date. If the original purchase date cannot be provided the product will not be under warranty.
  • Make sure that the photographs clearly show the defects,  and the full size of the product
  • All incomplete warranty claims cannot and will not be processed.
  • Signature and manufacturers stand behind their product but will have final say as to the warranty claim.


WARRANTY NOTE – “Wingsurfing”

  • SPG carbon performance Foils and foil boxes in surf / SUP foil boards, are not covered for use while wingsurfing due to the nature of jumping and added pressure loads on incorrect landings. (Landing flat can cause overload on wings causing stress or even broken parts)


  • Albatross range of wings are hi aspect wings created especially for flat-water pumping and down-winding. Not to be used in the surf. Warranty does not cover Albatross wings used in the surf.


  • Signature will not be responsible for any loss to foils.
  • To avoid loss of Foils we recommend using a leash affixed to board.



  • Above warranty terms apply to AIR wings – additional notes below.
  • Upon receipt, if you notice anything that you are not satisfied with please return to dealer immediately before use.
  • Once wing enters the water there is no guaranteed warranty and Signature will have final say as to any warranty claims.
  • Inflatable AIR wings are similar to kites, have bladders that can puncture if pierced by sharp objects or thorns so there is no warranty for bladders.
  • If a new bladder is needed these can be purchased at your local kite store or please contact SPG at
  • Avoid having your wing scrape against rocks and sharp objects as this will damage the wing.

Please see our HOW TO video pages for basic instructions to assist if you are new to the sports.

Thanks for the support and we hope this info helps you out – most of all get out there and enjoy the flight.

Team Signature


WARRANTY / RETURN form – please click here.