Introducing a SUP paddle board that offers added stability, quick acceleration and crazy speeds.

PEGASUS² full carbon technology merges the gap between strength and performance offering both new and experienced riders the opportunity to fly above water in comfort and ease.

Looking for a board that can be used for flat water starts, light wind wingsurfing or downwinders in low and high winds, enjoy the PEGASUS² a board created ByRider4Riders.


After returning from Maui and competing in the 1st ever World Foil Downwind Championship race called the M20 “MOLOKAI2OAHU” a gruelling 32mile open ocean race, Nathan (who placed 2nd behind Kai Lenny) + SPG design team realised the need for a downwind board that would allow ease of use for SUP foilers wanting to push both the flat-water & down wind paddling.

Welcome to the PEGASUS “Flying Horse”named after one of the US military’s fastest Hydrofoil attack crafts.

PEGASUS v1 was no doubt ahead of its time with only a few foilers dabbling in down-wind foiling and most riders content to be on the more traditional “wave style” SUP boards. At SPG we helped pioneer and continued to push the boundaries developing specialised down wind boards that were sold around the world.

After years of countless downwinders on all shapes and sizes of boards + influenced by the latest designs in Hawaii from some of the leading SUP pioneers, the original Pegasus has evolved into what is now the mind blowing PEGASUS²

Acceleration, speed and innovative features that open SUP foiling to a broader market.

Hold on tight and enjoy the flight of the PEGASUS²