Nicki Carstens | 3D Nature

11′ x  34″ x 4 1/2″    TITAN  NATURE  206L

10′ x  34″ x 4 1/2″  CONVERT NATURE 185L

9′  x 32″ x 4 1/2″     HYDRO  NATURE  156L

8′  x  30″ x 4 ”         CRAVE  NATURE   130L

7’6  x  29″ x 4 ”      REFLEX  NATURE 110L


Nicki Carstens- Bamboo Sandwich NATURE Range

Former world champion, craftsman, designer and shaper are just a few of the accolades behind the name Nicki Carstens.
When it comes to shaping craft that is intricate, detailed and multi-angled look no further than founder of Carstens Free design, Nicki who has been shaping and designing boards for over 25 years.

Introducing the stub nose 3D SUP, more than just a conventional board with a cut off nose, the 3D is DIGITALLY, DESIGNED, DEVELOPED – meaning that the board you will ride has elements that have been designed on computer for accuracy, hand shaped and then tested to ensure hours of radical fun.

As the name implies, the 3D SUP has taken board design from conventional 2D to 3D as each 3D SUP offers added features, 5 fin option so can be used as thruster or quad, chimed-channel nose design which offers clean water entry. Bottom shape starts with a single concave for early planing, which flows into a deep double concave that allows continued speed on wave face.

The stub nose design allows for a shorter board to be ridden while adding extra stability. The straighter rail curve offers extra speed with a “pocket-rocket” feel.

Ready to take your riding to a new dimension then ensure that you ask for the Carstens Signature 3D.

Available in:

NATURE RANGE Full Bamboo Sandwich EPS Construction

COMP RANGE Full carbon PVC EPS brushed carbon Construction.

CUSTOM CARBON – Have Nicki custom shape you a 3-D with a personal touch and built around personal ability, weight and conditions most ridden in.



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