If you’re looking for speed  without sacrificing maneuverability  then  THE i.F.O Signature (identified Flying Object) would be a good board to add to your quiver.

This is your 1 board fits all – from 1 ft to 6ft +  an amazing board for riders at all levels.

Bottom deck starts with rolled V into a Double concave which then fades into a deep single concave towards the tail. This combination allows for early planing and quick acceleration while still releasing for rail to rail turns

Great as a Quad fin set up or alternatively can be ridden as a three fin set up.

With added volume throughout the board its great for lighter or heavier riders alike.

One of the key features on the IFO are the Slightly fuller rails and added volume under the chest area which allows riders to surf  boards a few inches shorter than what they would normally ride.

So definitely a great board to add to your Signature Collection.

Available in PU, EPS Epoxy and Brushed Carbon Sandwich Epoxy Composites.

Sizes: 5ft2 – 6ft4


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