41.25″ x 9.6″ STYLER

Borrowing an aesthetic from a bygone era; when days were spent chilling on the beach, hitting the surf and then cruising down the beachfront, Signature’s Styler skateboard not only brings back memories, it also creates new ones. The Styler is a bohemian board that connects your mood with your mode of transport. When you’re amped and you want to charge, the Styler will roll as fast as you can go, but when you are chilled and just want to cruise and take in the scenery, the Styler will be there for you. More an extension of your personality than just a skateboard, the Styler not only draws neat lines, it also draws attention. Being noticed is often more about who you are than what you do and Signature’s Styler Skateboard lets you leave your mark wherever you go.

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