A dedicated Wingsurfing foil board for beginner to advanced riders.

Introducing THE ULTRA~X Signature foil board, designed and created by riders for riders – Different – yes. Functional – yes. Revolutionary – yes. Ready to fly?

Starting on the top deck, one of the cool features that we really enjoy, especially when flying with an inflatable wing or catching a wave, is the concave top deck- this concave deck helps the rider have a lower center of gravity when foiling and also feels great when riding as there is a contour to push against, allowing added stability and improved foot control.

Looking closer at the rails, you’ll notice that the Ultra~X has quite an extended Bevel rail
These beveled rails go right from the nose to the back tail- the concept behind the beveled rails is that it helps prevent the board catching or touching down especially when turning rail to rail on a foil.

As we move towards the back of the board you’ll see that we modified the tail to include a tail kick – what this will do is assist with better pumping and also prevents the tail from touching down when pumping or coming off the foam.

What we personally enjoy about the board is that we created it to be short, but still sufficient and evenly displaced volume for added stability when wingsurfing.

At the front you’ll see just the right amount of nose kick to prevent nose diving + a deep double concave starting at the nose flowing to the mid section which allows easy lift and quick planing, especially when winging in light winds or on small waves.

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